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Hello Wanderer!


An online narrative


that champions travel in the time of Instagram.

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A meeting place


for photography, journalism and other creatives. A reminder of the power travelling has to our lives and why it is more important than ever.

Expect long features about places you have never heard of, photo essays of how life really is away from tourist destinations and first-person testimonials of what life is like in another country or culture.


Would you join us?

A slow travel agency


that extends our online commitment to unique storytelling and film content. From North to South Greece, we turn the non-touristic into suprising lifetime moments.

Discovering off-the-radar locales, and endeavoring to experience the essence of each destination.




is the initials of a duo who finds it hard to distinguish personal from professional life as they are one and the same. A literary soul at heart and a modern anthropologist, whose journalism experience understand how to uncover secret spots, develop trustworthy collaborations and dig out obscure travel information.

Apart from trying to find the golden formula to survive life's bumpy roads, they pretty much strive to unlock the key to power-couple prosperity through traveling back to their roots, signing up for local cultures, living like the natives - as much possible, living it down - when they need to, finding rarely visited secrets, experimenting with their human nature and learning a little of themselves.

SteMajourneys weaves intimate images and stands by the personal stories that enliven people and bring them back to what matters most.

SteMajourneys is also a full service agency specializing in travel.



01. All-in-one travel guides

02. Curating personalized experiential travel memories

03. Travel storytelling & photo-essays

04. Bespoke content on demand


Explore in-depth info about a place. We have visited locations - spanning the globe - firsthand and done our thorough research, so you can create your own trip plans. 


We curate off the beaten and touristic path escapes that emphasize to a new breed of shared travel. We prioritize the local, the endemic, the time-honored, and the meaningful; and for its of these trips, we provide professional photograpers to help our guests stay in the moment and create real connections.


With a strong aesthetic approach, we craft travel intimate narratives and share our unique views on the countries we have visited.
Also, we showcase long photo-essays related to nature, travel, and adventure in order to ispire.


We create multimedia content for use on websites, newsletters, publications and Social Media. In a nutschell, we can provide a complete service for all your online/offline content needs.


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Our team is available to partake in Media/FAM trips for pictorial & editorial projects or visit a destination as well as to promote your travel related agency/brand via banner advertisements or in-post links.


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One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing  things.
— Henry Miller