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kasos island, dodecanese

35.4011° N, 26.9264° E

population: 900 people


Damn you de Lesseps, I would have wished to judge you, for you made the desert bloom, and left Kasos desolate.
— old folk song

Picture-postcard characters,

the best parts of trips are the moments spent with locals, hearing stories of their early years living as goat herders, tales of winters without shoes, and other hilarious and heartfelt adventures with family members.
Wisdom really does come with age.

During our Kasos visit, we’d usually go around with our camera and shot the locals. And food became an opportunity to catch up with all of the Kassiots. Laughter, talk fights, gossip, so many things happened around the tables, and eating was the fuel for all of it. But images can't justify their welcomeness. Whenever they were noticing us approaching, jumped off their sits and run with a handful of Greek delicacies and a genial smile. There was no question of course whether we get them or not. They also opened their houses and their hearts to us overwhelming us with their pure feelings and now are more like an extension of our family. We have always been fond of older peoples company, especially while traveling in Kasos. Apart that they belong to a unique and extraordinary generation, they also remind us of our own grandmothers and grandfathers. And throughout our journeys we have come across aplenty, who could have been and these people were definitely a kind of such.

Major traditional festivals

Miniature vine leaves, legends commemorated in the names of ships, lyres and bows, kozelies (the envied elite of Kasos returning from abroad to the island during summer), a Panagia (the village of one of the biggest fetes on August 15), makers of sitaka/goat butter and a floating opera singer.

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People of Kasos welcome and greet all visitors, keep calm and sustain their immediacy no-matter-what despite the natural lack of resources founding in their island.