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9 days 8 nights

The Art of Slow Travel


The faster we tend to move, the less we seem to see.

Think Greek isles are all beaches and tourist bars? Think again... meet some of their creative locals dancing to a different beat.

The Art of Slow Travel offers an in-depth view of  Greek destinations.




  • Slowing down and becoming present in the environment 
  • Enjoying some of the best local food
  • Meeting/listening to stories of the locals
  • Gaining a more thorough (and authentic) understanding of local culture in the process

5 Days 4 Nights

You were once wild. Don't let them tame you.


You Need To Get Lost To Find Yourself.

Commit to aking a trip, without knowing where you're going or what you'll need. Our team will take care of the rest. All you'll know is to show up at the airport and find out what's next.

This journy is available all over Greece, in some of the most remote, unfettered destinations imaginable. 




  • Disconnecting
  • Earning a once-a-lifetime experience
  • Challenging yourself
  • Finding the true sense of achievement
  • Discovering an unknown world

3 Days 2 Nights

Summer is always around the corner


For those who want to get their heart warm and their blood pumping, we bring you 2 days of sunny holidays. Laying under the sun - that’s the norm here in Greece. Expertly crafted by our team, these days are designed to truly immerse you in an ancient country, where the sun never stop shining.

Gimme some sunshine!



  • Basking in the sun right at the edge of the Aegean Sea or spoil your tastebuds with unique creations
  • Private sailing (under request)
  • Hiking (required)
  • Personalized treatments (natch)

6 days 5 nights

Venture to Southwest Crete


An all-inclusive expedition to the fading culture and natural habitat of Crete; places where tours don’t go. 

Led by natives, this excursion will take you to communities usually inaccessible to the general public and offer the potential bonus of encountering the wild side of the island.

It's also the perfect trip for couples or just an excuse to get away and experience Cretan culture.

Spaces are limited, so act fast!



  • Explore the isle (imagine great lands hidden at the end of long rocky tracks).
  • Relax over seasonal, locally-sourced meals
  • Avoid tourist tumult
  • Meet our rich network of local friends and guides who are willing to open their doors to you
  • Take yourself to places most outsiders don’t get a chance to see