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getting there

Coming here is not really a piece of cake. The best way to get to Prespes is...


Tradition in Prespes is equivalent to carp fishing besides the thrive and cultivation...

general info

Prespes (or collectively called Prespa Lakes) is a mountainous area of 300...


Besides the thrive and cultivation of elephant beans, tradition in Prespes...

when to visit

Prespes is an all-year-round destination, bearing the privilege to offer to the travel...


Apart from harvest period, here people predict the climate by observing the... 



During World War I the region was under the control of French troops. Read more about the history of Prespes →


Food & Accomodation

There are plenty of acommodation options in Prespes, near the lake-villages or the larger area, offering all kind of comforts. Combining a wild and remote, yet surprising natural environment, a number of restaurants and traditional taverns, this strip of land in the Northwestern part of Greece is perfect for year-round getaways as well as truly a sight to behold.

Holidays in Prespa Lakes

Being one of the most unique and authentic destinations in Greece, Prespes is one of the best alternative ideas for your next holiday.


Sightseeing & Activities 

We've rounded up few things to do in Prespes that we've actually had the pleasure of trying ourselves. In a nutshell we could suggest driving around both Great and Small Prespa Lake. If you do this, you will get the most from the Greek capital of elephant beans.

Know before you go

These days more and more tourists from all around the world are flocking in the capital of elephant beans to experience its rich nature and perhaps catch a glimpse of the Balkan history.