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With their still surfaces and spectrum of colors, Prespa lakes showcase some of the most mesmerizing qualities of water. In fact, they will make you forget about beaches altogether.

Road Trip at the Greek borderlands


Travel guide series

Written and photographed by team SteMa

“We are not the first to be seduced by the unimaginable allure of Prespa baisin. Crowned with a wetland so wide that it threatens to define infinity, the lakeshore architecture is a testament to its history, remaining one of the last true frontiers in Greece and a landscape unique in the whole world. Nobody will find you here. If that's your case, you are staying in the right place: a beautiful and unpretentious land at the end of Greece balanced in lake solitude, tiny villages tucked into the folds of wetlands, shepherds with huge smiles, and chapels floating amongst the clouds. Grab this guide to disappear here, marvelling at the soothing swifts of Nature, to cultivate low-living and finally unlock the secrets to longevity or even come on your own and leave with new friends - family. You don't have to be a recluse to fall for Prespes. There are plenty of spots where you can strike up companionships with strangers or the friendly locals. Hazy mountains blur the horizon as the sun goes out in a blaze of glory. Boat tripping around three different countries at the same time is even more of a revelation. High on a moist plateau exposed to lacerating cold, this terrain was cultivated for centuries with elephant beans.”

Format: Digital travel guide bundle (69 pages in total). You’ll receive a link to download instant PDF files, optimized for mobile.

What to expect: Rather than a business directory, this is a comprehensive guide that offers instead all the necessary practicalities you can follow if you are planning a holiday in Prespes (including an exhaustive list of essential points of interest); carefully researched and illustrated with original photography and copy. Beyond the guidance, you also get to know our favourite places to sleep, eat and drink around.


SteMajourneys travel guides were created for the travelers who instead of checking lists of cool places to visit, they wish to follow unknown paths, embrace their inner wanderlust and appreciate every simple moment.

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