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Nymfaio’s primary job as a travel destination has to do with suspending your reality, if only for a few precious days of vacays there. It also allows you to see your life and the world in sharper focus; while wandering though cobblestone streets, trekking in lush forest paths, mountain biking or horse riding with purebred Alpine horses. Grab this guide to unlock your innate wildness, slow down, (re)connect with Nature, but not necessarily at the expense of a little comfort and self-indulgence.
— SteMa

Nymfaio: The Wisdom of the Wild


Travel guide series

Written and photographed by team SteMa

Format: Digital travel guide (38 pages). You’ll receive a link to download the interactive PDF file, optimized for mobile.

What to expect:

In the first guide we unravel the destination’s soul into 9 categories (General Information, History, Transportation, Weather, Sightseeing and Activities, Food & Accommodation, Local Products, Tradition, Know before you go). All texts are carefully researched and illustrated with original photography and copy.

In the second guide you will gain access to a 2-day program featuring a beautiful selection of accommodation and dining places around, as well as an exclusive photo-gallery from the area created by team SteMajourneys.

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SteMajourneys travel guides were created for the travelers who instead of checking lists of cool places to visit, they wish to follow unknown paths, embrace their inner wanderlust and appreciate every simple moment.

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