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The Greek hinterlands


Travel guide series

Written and photographed by team SteMa

“Everyone in Kastoria spends an unusual amount of time in contemplation because everyone spends so much time gazing out across the stagnant waters, towards the other edge; their deep thoughts as reflections shimmering in the lake. With quaint mansions, Dionysian celebrations and Byzantine treasures, rare waterbirds, artisanal furs and a lake of mood color rings that look like an Impressionist painting throughout the year, Kastoria sounds like the perfect escape from everyday routine. There are ocean people, and there are lake people. The latter type of person should get our guide to get acquainted with this genuine Macedonian landscape that capture ones soul, as well as for taking a dip into the glittering past of the city.”

Format: Digital travel guide bundle (69 pages in total). You’ll receive a link to download the interactive PDF files, optimized for mobile.

What to expect: Rather than a business directory, this is a comprehensive guide that offers instead all the necessary practicalities you can follow if you are planning a holiday in Kastoria (including an exhaustive list of essential points of interest); carefully researched and illustrated with original photography and copy. Beyond the guidance, you also get to know our favourite places to sleep, eat and drink around.

Many destinations have been in fashion and then out over the years, but Kastoria is constant in its splendour - Greece’s beautiful, lyrical playground made for trysts.

SteMajourneys travel guides were created for the travelers who instead of checking lists of cool places to visit, they wish to follow unknown paths, embrace their inner wanderlust and appreciate every simple moment.

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