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Life blissfully slow


Travel guide series

Written and photographed by team SteMa

“First came the fishermen, then the beach yogis seeking empty shores, next the party-loving hedonists. Donousa’s tiny land has always made its own laws and post the hords of tourists managed to keep its sun-soaked beauty intact. Grab our guide and get to rest in this laid-back isle of Small Cyclades, where the days slip by in floods of sunshine and people delight in leaping into the sea; precious moments giving you nothing but silence and stillness, ideal conditions for dreaming while still awake, for letting the mind roam through shadows, recovering stories that had retreated and insights long faded.”

Format: Digital travel guide bundle (69 pages in total). You’ll receive a link to download the inteactive PDF files, optimized for mobile.

What to expect: Rather than a business directory, this is a comprehensive guide that offers instead all the necessary practicalities you can follow if you are planning a holiday in Donousa (including an exhaustive list of essential points of interest); carefully researched and illustrated with original photography and copy. Beyond the guidance, you also get to know our favourite places to sleep, eat and drink around.

If you are looking for tranquility, simplicity and the purity of island living by escaping the crowds, then the island of Donousa is where to spend your summer and enjoy holiday peace. The island had always a cult following of travelers who seek the simpler things in life, yet its picture-perfect spots for nudism, free-camping and hiking with stunning views lately, deserve also the attention from the art-crowd and chic jet-setters.

SteMajourneys travel guides were created for the travelers who instead of checking lists of cool places to visit, they wish to follow unknown paths, embrace their inner wanderlust and appreciate every simple moment.

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