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The Indigo Blue vacation


Travel guide series

Written and photographed by team SteMa

“Just a few years ago Amorgos was quiet, near forgotten, a low-key island with a population of a few thousands. There were just a couple of hotels back then, most of them sharing a wide curl of peppled sand and protected by a series of steep mountains from the madding crowds, and yet, nowadays nothing feels distorted or spoiled. Grab our guide to get to know this rugged island off the tourism-radar as it is one of Greece's most intriguing lands, offering the unripened food, the joys of herby-covered slopes, deserted beaches and the perfect swimming spots in this forgotten blue corner of Greece. You might be thinking that maybe we are exaggerating. But we aren't. If you have been dreaming the summer of your childhood at a Greek island since watching Luc Besson's The Big Blue as a teenager, this guide is the ticket to a major life throwback.”

Format: Digital travel guide bundle (81 pages in total). You’ll receive a link to download the interactive PDF files, optimized for mobile.

What to expect: Rather than a business directory, this is a comprehensive guide that offers instead all the necessary practicalities you can follow if you are planning a holiday in Amorgos (including an exhaustive list of essential points of interest); carefully researched and illustrated with original photography and copy. Beyond the guidance, you also get to know our favourite places to sleep, eat and drink around.

“A fusion of majestic simplicity and unaffected grandeur harmonically combined with a unique Cycladic aura, authentic beauty and tranquility, rugged rocky outcrops lapped by the bluest sea and dotted by a cluster of chalk-white houses, make holidays in Amorgos, the perfect Aegean idyll.

SteMajourneys travel guides were created for the travelers who instead of checking lists of cool places to visit, they wish to follow unknown paths, embrace their inner wanderlust and appreciate every simple moment.

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