Interpretations of raw landscapes and human nature.

On the pulse of the future of travel

Whether underground, overground or rambling free: it’s always as much about the journey as the arrival.

We don’t simply visit a destination. And we definitely don’t tour a city. We bring together the peerless knowledge of personal travel to create one-of-a-kind bespoke itineraries that get to the very essence of a place. We immerse ourselves in every place we visit. We don’t just meet the locals, we live with them. 

We look beyond everything you thought travel was, and embrace something new.

We are a new way of travel. We are SteMajourneys.

Stories to remember, memories to keep.
You live like this, sheltered, in a delicate world, and you believe you are living. Then you take a trip… and you discover that you are not living, that you are hibernating.
— Anaïs Nin

There's Always More to Travel Than Your Instagram Feed