when to vist tzoumerka

The two villages of Tzoumerka, Syrrako and Kalarrites, are year-round destinations following the seasonal cycle and offering a different ambience each time of year.


In Spring,

to collect wild herbs, to explore verdant mountains, to experience the waterfalls valleys, to take part in outdoor activities (from hiking tree-lined paths, rafting and kayaking in Arachthos, to canyoning down steep gorges), as well as to attend the local feast (panigyri) of Zoodochou Pigis at the Kypina Monastery (the first Friday after Easter) or even partake in Athlos Tzoumerkon Running Festival (mountain running and mountain biking races).


In Summer,

for an alpine summer vacation, and to celebrate the feast days of local patron saints - Profitis Ilias (20/7), Agia Paraskevi (26/7),  Agios Panteleimonas (27/7) και  August 15 celebrations. 


In Autumn,

to gather mushrooms and take part in a variety of outdoor activities.


In Winter

to see the steep slopes and sharp ridges of Epirus under a blanket of snow.