When to visit



Prespes is an all-year-round destination, bearing the privilege to offer a completely different experience for each season.

In a country with marshy valleys and deep forests, each period of the year is a new reason to spend time outdoors, whatever the weather. And thus, there’s no such thing as a perfect time to visit Prespes, although autumn and spring are regarded ideal for the travelers. About then, you‘ll enjoy kicking bronze-burnished leaves, whereas spring sees nature kick into gear. As for winter, a walk through the National Park of Prespa Lakes on a clear, crisp day can mean seeing nature at its most impressive.


In Spring

A season when migratory birds arrive from all over the world to the lakes and the surrounding wetlands, you can indulge in bird-watching (white pelican and the Dalmatian pelican - the latter is considered to be the largest bird on Earth – and arrive here during spring to creating the largest reproductive colony in the world).


In Summer

During summer, Prespes is perfect for canoeing-kayaking or even swimming along the shores of the Great Prespa Lake, horse-riding on the banks of the Small Prespa Lake and by the end of August, to participate and enjoy the festivities of "Prespeia" (an event dedicated to culture with a host of numerous art happenings occuring on the islet of Agios Achilios).


In Autumn

When you can catch a glimpse of the migratory birds returning to the banks of Prespa Lakes, get beguiled by the melancholic vistas of the yellow trees, as well as hike among various forest trails. Lastly, you can attend the Festivals dedicated to carp fishing and bean harvest (early September).


In Winter

Wintertime is perfect for seeing the whitewashed landscape reflecting on the waters of the Small Prespa Lake, snowboarding at the Vigla-Ski Centre (in Pisoderi village) or mountain skiing to Mount Varnountas. Also, you can experience the peculiar custom of the bonfires during Christmas Eve.


Holidays in Prespes