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Chora, aka the delightful cliff-edged capital of Amorgos, itself considered to be one of the most beautiful settlement in the Cyclades. Located at the heart of this rugged island was chosen from the locals in order to protect themselves from the pirate raids. Apart from the countless labyrinthine lanes and whitewashed cobbled streets with «skiades» (passages covered from alleys), an abundant of whitewashed churches (about 30 churches and small chapels), two-storey mansions with the colorful porch windows and the courtyards full of bougainvilleas, is defined by the wheat windmills standing on top of a hillside. There one can find the lovely square of Loza, the archaeological and ecclesiastical museum, a castle from the 13th century, a handful of traditional cafes, taverns, rakadika (raki bars), bars, but also rooms-to-let and quaint hotels.

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Lagada is amphitheatrically built right above the port of Aegiali, offering jaw-droping panoramic sights to the 4 points of the horizon respectively (and particularly from “Tsoutsoula” vantage point). Apart from its whitewashed alleys and the traditional households, there, one can find a handful of taverns, a wild-herb distillery, the chapels of Agia Sofia with the double dome, Panagia Akathi (next to Agia Sofia), as well as Panagia Epanochoriani. Also, just before the entrance of the village, perched on a rock stands Agia Triada that was formerly used as a bastion. Finally, from Lagada there is a hiking path that leads to the abandoned village of Stroumbos.

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Along the slopes of Sellada Mountain is laying the scenic tiny settlement of Potamos. It is characterized by narrow cobbled street links (like a labyrinth), which used to keep the pirated away in the past, as well as two-storey houses and whitewashed yards. Being just a breath on top of Aegiali port, it also offers scenic views and it is the place to catch one of the island’s most beautiful sunsets.

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