Handpicked travel choices in Donousa.

Tips on where to stay


Iliovasilema studios & apartments

Directly on the sandy beach

Iliovasilema studios & apartments is like an observatory of the Aegean Sea overlooking the enchanting sunset of Donousa! During your stay there, you will enjoy stunning views of endless blue as well as of Donousa’s picturesque harbor from all around, while you can relax in the room of your choice and also have lunch or dinner in the complex’s tavern. Every single room is baring whitewashed walls and blue shutters, while the style and layout also follows the famous Cycladic architecture. With no need to exaggerate, Iliovasilema rooms set the ideal setting for a carefree summer and at the same time they are perfect for those who want to connect with the rhythms of the island that ensures you quickly forget hectic everyday life.

Iliovasilema, T: (+30) 22850 - 51570 / (+30) 6942 - 269219, https://www.iliovasilema-studios.gr/index.php/en


Petalides Residences

A bohemian lodge overlooking the Aegean Sea

Petalides have an open heart and their view will compensate you. We found it difficult to leave behind this place! Sea-gazing and velvet sunsets is a killer combo on having the time of your life in this house and a harmonious mix of white shapes is waiting to host your best summer moments full of landscape and light. Bill, the man behind Petalides & your local host, will be making sure that you're well accommodated. But also, that this IS the proper space for you to feel at home.

Petalides, 6936191792 Email: petalides@gmail.com, petalides residencies


Best tips on where to eat and drink


kori tou mihali

At Kori tou Mihali (or the daughter of Michalis in Greek) Kyriaki’s (known also as Koula to her friends) fresh, full of zest, hearty dishes, leave you nourished and satisfied - especially if you don’t have a busy holiday schedule. Her culinary creed in general, is not to stay for food in the case you need to just devour ―unless you can have all the time to capture your heart through food. She also believes in a cuisine that evokes traditional emotions and triggers new memories. The dishes like her best-selling «donousiotiko firmani», phyllo-wrapped goat cheese and pepper marmalade with a touch of chilly, one-pot pork with peppers and bay leaves in tomato paste, Greek style fried elephant beans, as well as the Anatolian smoky eggplant dip, can certainly boast distinctive flavors unlike anywhere else and whet your appetite. Overall, this is a gastronomic adventure that puts the spotlight on the amazing Mediterranean ingredients of the remarkable biodiversity of Cyclades, and thus every foodie is in for these homemade treats.

Tip: Choose to sit at one of the traditional sofas to enjoy apart from the fare, knockout views of the Aegean sea. 


beach bar kedros

Kedros beach bar bathes at the homonymous serene shore and it’s the perfect spot if you fancy Mediterranean finger food and summer cocktails. Hipsters love taking their breakfast here, as well as to attend the various hosted DJ-sets. As the Mecca of campers, bohemians and Europe’s creative travelers, this beach bar offers good nightlife, and a unique vibe, making you stay on the beach longer than expected. In other words, picture yourself dancing barefoot till dawn.

Extra tip: For the non-stop Cycladic blowing winds better bring a sweater with you (& thank us later).



If what’s you seeking is a mouthwatering mezze platter, do not look anywhere else. Simadoura - a common secret, is a contemporary place giving the opportunity for a relaxing meal with friends in a setting overlooking the Chora of Donousa, away from the touristy hustle and bustle. From its famous pastrami pie to lip smacking briny sardines, the shop offers an array of snacks paying homage to seasonal produces of the Greek countryside.


  1.  The shop is open from early hours and thus, you can hop there straight from the ferry-boat.

  2. Alternatively, claim your table for afternoon snacking and ouzo oozing.


mitso’s tavern

Excellent traditional cuisine can be found in the simplest family-run eateries. Mitso’s tavern is a family owned and operated small shop at the northeast part of the island that sits on the side of an abandoned hamlet called Kalotaritissa. There are many reasons to put Mitso’s tavern on your itinerary - which is only accessible by car/bus or even by walking along a few kilometers until you run into it. It's right on the sea, it's less tourist-trodden than the other taverns of Donousa, and it has fresh grandma’s like food that will reminded you of your childhood. A few tables on a shady terrace that overlook the sea from above, young and old contentedly intermingle, and the friendly, smiley Mrs Maria, her mother, and daughter, Fani, add to this authentic food experience and are certainly declaring a marvelous spot for even the most dubious guest. Overall, the purity of Mitso’s tavern is summed up in its sunnyside up eggs accompanied with hand-cut fried potatoes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also give the beef patties and/or the lamb spare ribs on charcoal a try.  


Captain george

We are suckers for anything cult. We are also suckers for unique taverns with eye-catching kitsch décor. Combine the two, and we are in heaven. So we guess its not a coincidence that you have to book a table in advance, if you want to grab a bite at Captain George’s shop.His menu tightly focuses on appetizers, but there are also daily casseroles and grilled dishes, such as souvlaki on a skewer.  Another cult throwback is the prices, which are happily stuck in the 1990s.


What’s more:

Iliovasilema (Stavros): Fresh seafood in a charming setting overlooking a lovely beach – what’s not to love. This is a typical Greek tavern offering humongous dishes at a veranda gently rolling into the water. The idea of a place where locals go for the catch-of-the-day fish and eat (always) on Sundays will also caught your attention and drive you to grab a seat at this family-run tavern.

Corona Borealis (Stavros): Whether you’re stopping by for an afterhour drink or an early healthy meal from the really well-designed organic menu, the atmosphere is forming a handcrafted and memorable ambiance.

Skantzoxoiros - aka hedgehog in Greek (Stavros): A central all-day café/bar open throughout the year. The real deal here comes down to the coffee and drinks. Also, one glance at the pancake offerings will have you more than ready for a dessert.

* Last minute info is that from 2018,  Avli, a brand new restaurant in Donousa is the place of exquisite taste offering pure Greek revisited cuisine.



Kori tou Mihali – Μersini, Donousa, 2285 100006

Kedros beach bar, – Kedros Donousa, https://www.facebook.com/Kedros-beach-241324975968513/

Simadoura, – Stavros, Donousa, 694 814 1466   

Μήτσος, – Kalotaritissa, Donousa, 2285 051522

Captain George, – Stavros, Donousa, 2285051867