Tips on where to eat & drink.

“ Ston Pyrgo”

Arkesini, Amorgos, 2285 072258,

This tavern/cafe might be small, but the flavors and aromas it dispenses on a daily basis (since the summer of 2015) are great. Located in the front of an ancient tower of a pillar form, from which eventually got its name, aka Pyrgos translates to tower in Greek, this tavern lack of square footage maximizes throughout August by offering seating to festival mavericks and other gastronomic new age travelers. So, don’t be surprised when there’s a line of hungry breakfast/dinner-wannabes by then. For the rest of the season, especially from and to June, this place has the philosophy: “Put away your phone, drink peacefully your Greek coffee, slurp your soft-boiled eggs, gnaw your meat, lick your plate, use your fingers when applicable, have a break, enjoy your time and bond over the brilliance of their dishes  with the Roussos (the family owns the tavern)”. Their daughter, Vangelio (holding a degree in culinary studies, being performing actor in her spare time), under her mother’s watchful eye, bakes her own sourdough bread every single morning. Here you can eat only what is as fresh as it gets. Offerings often include omelettes with kavurma, «yaprakia» (local dolmades), homemade pies, the juiciest meatballs you will ever taste, and omelettes as well as sweets of the day to boast you up for another day at the beach.

Coffee shop - Mini market “Makis”

Arkesini, Amorgos, open year-ly

Far from the madding tourists, sitting in a peaceful corner of Arkesini, Maki’s kafeneio – and also the home of a family of two retirees, the Loudaros couple prepare modest breakfast in their kitchenette for the passers-by during summer. The place is also famous to the loyal visitors for a scoop of a classic childhood treatan «ypovrichio» (Greek fondant) and hearty folklores under the blossomed trees. Thus, “Makis”, its not just another greek coffee shop as it offers a relaxed environment surrounded with folk genuine people and a little bit of history.


Chora, Amorgos, 2285 071811,

Nestled in a central and busy cobblestone alleyway in Chora, offering apart from pizza down to the basics - but certainly perfect - and the most romantic balcony of the island. Great crust, great sauce, great add-ons, all ingredients predominantly local and fresh. Here you will also find pizzas of lightness and digestibility, with the finest seasonal toppings.

“To Limani tis kyrias Katinas”

Aegiali, Amorgos, 2285 073269,

The food of the tavern To Limani tis kyrias Katinas (aka Katina’s port) has traveled so widely around the world and become intertwined with Amorgian cultures that tasting it is ultimately a revelation. This almost cliched place to visit remains open year-round and it is a creative mishmash of cuisines, combining local traditions with the culinary tastes of Asia. Even if you wish to avoid it, it's impossible to miss the beautiful setting that comes with a secluded boulevard and a cult terrace (for which you need to score a reservation in advance) that overlooks the port of Aegiali, or even the crowds who pack around its tables day after day. Except from the fresh fish on the charcoal stove and the staple fare of the island, «patatato» or «kalogeros», here you can also try authentic Thai cuisine (every Friday). Don’t go before you taste a hearty dish of Greek fisherman’s soup (also known as kakavia | prepared upon request) as well as the mouthwatering octopus pie that expresses all the scents of Aegean sea in one bite.


Chora, Amorgos, 2285071242

Despite featuring in pretty much every foodie guide to Amorgos ever written, Parvas kafeneio has deservedly maintained its reputation as a local joint. If you come early, you may be surrounded by old men, but at dinner time, most of your fellow dinners will be having beards and tattoos. Grandma-style meatballs with fried potatos and XXL souvlaki skewers, are the main dishes to order here, apart from overhearing Dina, the daughter of the legendary Dimitris Giannakos who used to own this place from the next table.

Mahaira ’s hangout

Asfondilitis, Amorgos, +306936671031

If you’re looking for an authentic food experience in Amorgos—away from the tourist traps that dominate most of the Greek isles — Mahaira’s tavern in the abandoned village of Asfondilitis awaits you. The sample traditional Amorgian dishes are served here solely upon request. If you’re feeling slightly less scheduled, go for the more standard selection of the also well-done regular dishes. Here, you will get the chance to mingle with hipsters and food pilgrims—as the traditional menu you might order in advance is designed for sharing.

Also worth a try:

Bearing the name that confirms you have visited the right island, Amorgialos is acknowledged for more than 20 years as the perfect joint to unfold alternative dinner nights in Aegiali and experience live music concerts from time to time.

Aegiali, Amorgos, 693 734 6463,

Tranzistoraki: Trust your friendly and enthusiastic servers to order for you here, but just keep in mind: the concept of cooking is to spotlight the right ingredients, and thus everything you taste is very seasonal, as well as regional. In other words, good, comfort food to be shared with friends.

Chora, Amorgos, 698 882 0049,

Marouso: Here are the island’s best spot for bbq menu, including sticky, saucy grilled lamb chops, and all the traditional accompaniments. The prices are very reasonable compared to the food is served in extra large platters and for this place; the path from farm to table is quite short—straight from the owner’s garden!

Arkesini, Amorgos, 2285 072331

Fish & Seafood

Family-run tavern Minos: Many fish taverns in this isle can rival its dining scene, but this is one of the most honest choices as the owner has a particular affection for the sea, and he shows it in the dishes like shrimp pasta, which is one of the stars of the menu.

Katapola, 2285 074295,

A Greek punch tavern

Your heart will definitely skip a beat when you encounter Kali Kardia, an old school coffee shop and tavern that is located next to the imposing church of Agii Anargyri in the village of Tholaria. The Economides family here can serve you with coffee and quality snacks that go well with local booze (psimeni raki), and thus they manage to attract the young, trendy crowd of hungry locals and tourists. Back in the days (way back in the ‘20s), this was a favorite hangout for the local community, so its old-school vintage décor has been preserved: aka the walls adorned with old portraits as well as the atmosphere. The food is pure and delicious—and highly prized as a both dinner and night out date, so come early in the afternoon to reserve your seat.

Tholaria, Amorgos, 2285 073347

Breakfast munchies

During summertime breakfast is typically taken on the beach, but turns out it tastes better next to the water. At Frou-Frou, you can order a plate of energetic omelette and then tuck into addictive toasts from any of the regional bakeries or even spicy falafels, and healthy munchies on the terrace of Jassmin that overlooks the Chora of Amorgos. Breakfast should always look like any of these.

Best dessert in Amorgos

Tratarisma: Indulge all your dark chocolate desires at this sweet lovers’ paradise, where the name of the shop translates to «treats» in Greek. The solid menu showcases gelato made with buffalo milk on a daily basis, hearty comfort sugary munchies, like lemon meringue tartlets and the shop’s best-seller chocolate pies, but also lighter, healthier breakfast options, like a yogurt mousse with honey and walnuts. The sugar wizard, aka Antonis Gavalas, creates tasting sweets that are playful and unpredictable, often surprising you by telling your eyes one thing but sending your taste buds a completely different message.

Lagkada, Amorgos, 2285073192

AMORGOS by night

Amorgos by night: For drinks, all the roads lead to "Bayoko", which usually hosts various live music concerts. "Seladi" is another famous option, with scenic atmosphere and a beautiful courtyard with bird-eye views to the island. The night will traditionally end at Aegiali and The Que – a discotheque, where you will mingle with the local community, if not going altogather for breakfast at dawn. Again, in case you are the Athenian-type who likes cocktails, then head to the terrace of "Botilia".

what to buy in amorgos

Apart from the usual fridge magnets and island replicas to bring home as souvenirs you can also buy honey from a local types of bees, wine or even Amorgian tequila. Whatever you do though, make sure to bring home a branch of herbal products from Amorgos. So, before you leave, visit Vaggelis Vassalo ’s lab and his wife’s shop for natural oils and remedies as well as detoxifying marjoram and lemon sachets for your friends.

Tip on where to sleep.

Pano Gitonia

A dream setting for unforgettable holidays.

Nestled in the nature of Amorgos and embraced by Aegean Sea, Pano Gitonia is one of the most picturesque traditional settlements in the island of Amorgos, introducing visitors to the slow and unpretentious rustic beauty of the isle. A visit to Pano Gitonia is without a doubt a must, no matter where you are staying. This is the life project of Theo and Puki, who have restored part of the old settlement of Potamos with respect for the original features, while intervention and renovation was kept to a minimum. Many nature lovers, hikers, mountaineers, and people simply looking for something different on their vacation, visit them every year. The location is also ideal for those looking for tranquillity and relaxation while gazing an Amorgian sunset. Most of the rooms offer a 360 panoramic porch looking over the Aegean Sea, while you can easily walk down to the village with all the shops and restaurants.

During summertime (July-August) the hotel is packed, so do reserve your spot in advance.

Potamos, 22850 73205,