Haskaris (or else haskari, haska, or haskas) is another ancient carnival custom occurring right before the day of Clear Monday (or ”Kathari Deftera” in Greek).

During this event, the elder of the household binds with a stitch a boiled peeled egg on the tip of a stick or a timber rod and rolls it near the mouth of each relative. The goal is to grab it with the 3rd bite. If one manages to "grab" the egg, he is considered to be the luckiest of all accepting warm wishes amidst a cheerful family atmosphere.

In this game everyone can participate and during the event each family members respectively takes his “egg-turn”.

According to the ancient folk, once the game of “haskaris” is finished, the elder ought to burn the thread from the rod yearning and praying to the God for a good year harvest and earnings in favor of the family.

The tradition of “haskaris” is taking place in every region that lit up bonfires (“boubounes”), concealing a fasting symbolism:  this is the last egg men should taste prior to Easter eggs. As the locals say:  << an egg puts an end to the Carnival fests, as well as an egg fetches the rebirth of Jesus>>.