Boubouna is an old Kastorian ritual associated with the lit of fires at the neighborhoods and the squares of the city, which is taking place on the Carnival Sunday.

However, the preparation begins prior to the event with a demanding contest, during which children - separated in groups, start gathering as many branches and little pieces of wood as they can, cutting them and at last guarding them from the other juvenile groups. The ultimate goal of course, is to gather the most wood and make the largest fire in their own district.

On the morning of Carnival Sunday small and big trunks are placed in the center of each neighborhood, all geared up for the blaze during the night. When the time comes, people start jumping over the flames exorcise evil and welcome Great Lent, while drinking wine and tsipouro, stirring the celebrations with dance and music of bronze musical instruments, getting completely lost in this mysterious and unusual pyric atmosphere, until the flames die.

Finally, boubouna is an ancient pre-Christian custom that revives in many neighborhoods of Kastoria, like Doltso, Apozari, Omonoia square and the district around the old Hospital. Nevertheless, the most impressive fire is lit at Doltso’s square, organized by the regional Municipality and other local clubs, offering to the partakes the opportunity to taste local delicacies and at the same time listen to some regional bands. The same custom is called Paliapoulia, in Argos Orestiko.