• livestock and animal products (sheep milk and cheese)

  • local meats

  • legumes

  • edible cereal

  • a variety of nuts

  • wild green


  • pasta (chilopites aka Greek noodles και trahanas, a Greek-type of savory porridge)

  • spoon sweets (walnut, wild fig, local cranberries)

  • tsipouro

  • wine

  • liqueur

With their alpine altitudes and climate Syrrako and Kalarrites are not associated with great harvest products.

Nevertheless, the region of Tzoumerka is largely related with livestock and other animal products, legumes, few edible cereals, a range of nuts and wild greens, while local alcohol products include tsipouro with the flavor of grapes, local berries, or even nuts, some wine varieties and the renowned cranberry liqueur.