Prespian products

Considered the "caviar" of Prespa Lakes, elephant beans, are not only the most tasteful food in the country, but also a regional trademark. In fact, it is estimated that elephant beans are one of the best varieties worldwide, due to the combination of the altitude (900 meters), the microclimate and the special soil composition.

Beans of various sizes and diversities (elephant/giant beans, red/black beans), can be cooked in many ways (bean stew, salad beans, bean soup (fasolada) or a plateful of baked giant beans). Each of their individual characteristics might fade into cooking, but are always replaced by rich flavors. 

Since 1994, elephant beans, Prespe’s giant beans, have been recognized by the EU as a Protected Geographical Indication Product (PDO). Besides, a cooperative run by a handful of local producers, helps them to promote and export beans, as well as ensure the products' quality standards.

In Prespes you can also find barley, wheat, rye and clover, jams, honey, spoon sweets, red peppers (Florina peppers), fine tsipouro and wine. Regarding the fish species, here you can taste few pond-delicacies like carp, eel, black bass, red mullet, and many others. Finally, the whole region is wellknown for excellent quality meats. 


Before you leave, do buy something from the local groceries in Psarades village like smoked grunion or smoked carp.