Products of Donousa


In a nutshell

  1. thyme
  2. oregano
  3. thyme honey
  4. goat cheese (axialοmizithra)
  5. goat butter

Being one of the smallest and remoted isles of Cyclades it’s not wonder why Donousa doesn’t produce a great selection of local delicacies. However, Donousa, maintains the ideal climate for growing aromatic herbs - thyme and oregano are flourishing on the mountain sides of the island, where they grow naturally.

Due to Donousa’s rugged landscape, the inhabitants have always been engaged in agriculture and livestock farming, producing goat butter and goat cheese (otherwise axialοmizithra), a type of ricotta cheese made from strained yoghurt (axiali). 

Onions, ryes, a few vegetables and legumes are being produced to serve the growing needs of family businesses in the isle.