Know before you go

(Basic Tips and Etiquette)



The road to Syrrako and Kalarrites full of steep drop-offs, hairpin-turns, and narrow lanes as well as due to extreme weather conditions, you might encounter rocks that have fallen off the cliffs or even puffed up asphalt. It’s not the kind of road you necessarily need a 4x4 vehicle, however there is a little room for error on these way and you should always keep an eye on the lane.

There is only one gas station within 25 km from Pramanta, the “capital” of all surrounding villages in the municipality of North Tzoumerka.



If you choose to visit the area during winter you need to be prepared dress for prolonged spells in the cold, and bring some really warm clothes as well as boots/sneakers suitable for walking in jugged surfaces and cobblestone streets of the two villages. However, even throughout the summer temperature all of a sudden can drop really down, so better take at a least a jacket with you.



The duo of these quaint Vlach villages offers tranquility in the lap of wild nature. If you are thirst for parties and nightlife you probably have to choose another destination. This is a place to take a pilgrimage through wild Greek nature, taste a variety of genuine delicacies and mingle with the locals at the traditional coffee shops of the villages.

If you are planning to visit Syrrako and Kalarrites on Christmas break, Easter, or during National holidays it is always a good idea to book in advance, as there limited accommodation options.



Beware of the shepherd dogs protecting the herds, always keep caution when approaching them (or don’t).



Bear in mind in Syrrako and Kalarrites don’t have health center, pharmacy, post office, police station, bank or ATM. You can find all above service in the nearby town of Pramanta.