Know before you go (Basic tips & Etiquette)


These days more and more tourists from all around the world are flocking in the capital of elephant beans to experience its rich nature and perhaps catch a glimpse of the Balkan history. Ever since the Greek Civil War, Prespa region has changed variously. Nevertheless, there are still a few hurdles that might catch the unaware. After one and half month living and working in the most serene lake valley, we ‘ve compiled some tips for not going blind before you head in the Great Greek North.

As Prespes is laid by the Greek-Albanian border and the Greek-FYROM border, it’s important to always carry a photo ID/Passport within your bag. Eevn though the massive illegal migration from the Macedonian Mounts has stopped since the 90s, theres also a police station open 24/7 in the village of Agios Germanos.

At a place within a 800 altitude we strongly recommend you to pack a few more layers of extra warm clothing (no matter the season) and a pair (or two) of hiking shoes.

It would be really great idea to bring along a pair of binoculars with you, as you have more chances to catch a glimpse on the cormorants and Dalmatian pelicans.

Even if you plan to be out during the day, especially if you are on foot, be always vigilant and make sure you stay on the well-mark trails.

Whether you are hiking, trekking, mosey along marshy valleys, would be a good idea to make yourself present (i.e. make some noise, speak loudly) to warn any wild animals that may be in close proximity.

In the rare case that you encounter the big brown bear – a regular resident on Macedonian Mounts, keep your temper low. Don’t make any jerky movements and remember no matter the size, bears hardly ever attack, unless they feel threatened for themselves and/or their babies.

Be always alert for the shepherd dogs keeping the herds in order, as they sometimes tend to be really aggressive toward people they don’t know, and thus better get around them.

Deactivate your mobile automatic network search and manually select your network carrier, since you are at the borders where Albanian and Northern Macedonian territories meet.  Consider that the Western Balkan countries do not belong to the EU, and thus any European roaming rules do not apply accordingly and you will have to pay additional charges!

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