Safety issues

❶ Beware that there is no pharmacy on the island, so make sure you travel with your own medication.

❷ Once you visit the island, consider the fact that there is no bank store – just a lonely ATM machine, and therefore carry some cash or a credit card with you.

❸ Bear in mind that tap water in Donousa is not potable.*

❹ In the case you night-walk from Kedros beach to the main settlement of the island (Stavros) and vice versa, we suggest using a flashlight as there are no road lights on the way.


*Water shortages hit most of the Aegean islands, especially at the height of the summer tourist season. Several islands in the Cyclades group, including Donousa, have imposed restrictions to maintain reserves until ships carrying water arrive from the mainland 2-3 times on a monthly basis. Hence consider every single drop of water while vacationing there.


For walkers or big fans of hiking, Donousa is picture-perfect Greek island, particularly if you travel light. The best way to get around this isle is on foot, especially when you consider that the entire island only takes roughly six hours to traverse. Yet, there is also a bus service (only from late June to early September) scheduled to go from and to Stavros (the main settlement of Donousa) every 2 hours. Bear in mind that here there is no taxi service neither car and scooters rental companies, although there are bikes for hire.



Driving a car is perhaps one of the best ways to experience Donousa in your own pace, especially if you want to get to the farther reaches of the island. 


there isn't a gas station

Once you are on the isle - in the case you choose to bring along your vehicle- remember that there is no gas station, so make sure you have filled up your tank to truly get you for about 10 days. 

❗  Although there are not long distances (the paved road on the island is on average only 12 km long), running out of fuel on remote Donousa will be inconvenient but could also take you island-hopping (in the worst case scenario, you will have to travel to Naxos or Amorgos or even ask a local to bring you supplies). It’s tempting to carry a can of extra fuel for such emergencies.


Even if you are driving a car in Donousa, it does not mean that you can go anywhere you want - experiencing a bygone era. 

For instance, going to beaches like Vathi Limenari, Livadi, Fikios, Trypiti are only accessible on foot (roughly 20 minutes hiking).  Aside from lacing up your walking shoes, the only means of transport are ferry boats (i.e. the traditional boat from the hamlet of Mersini).



Whether you dive among pristine bays or seek out your own secret diving-spot in Donousa, you will have left stresses of real life far behind you, but also wallow in serenity. On an island that’s synonymous with chilling out, nightlife particularly stands out for its laid-back bar and beach-bars. Check out the atmospheric bar overlooking Donousa’s port to either unwind or take in the magnificent coastline with ease. For more beach bliss, head to one of the two chilled-out beach bars. One is also located in the port of the isle (aka Stavros) and its perfect for sunset drinks and watching the ships sail in and out of the harbor. If your idea of nightlife is dancing with your toes curled in the sand while sipping a cocktail, be sure to head over to Kedros, where you can often see live DJs. Take your fancy, but before you go, be sure that you have tried the local delicacies as well.

Beside the stunning archipelago, Donousa is arguably a promising spot for a fish feast. Nowadays, there are only a handful of fishermen, and thus it is rather difficult for them to satisfy the increasing number of summer vacationers. As a result, if you insist savoring the taste of fresh seafood, order your meal in advance from one of the island’s taverns/seaside restaurants.

Taking off on a journey to Donousa alone? Have no fear. Here is the safest, friendliest spot for your solo adventure.  You can hang out anywhere in the island—from the café-bars and taverns, there aren’t many of them in any way—and you don’t need clever chat up lines or ice breakers to meet new people as it is most likely to bump into them all over again (a guaranteed way to get the conversation flowing).

The Behavior Code

Although Donousa is one of the most remote areas of Greece, the typically slow-paced island became the last few years widely known to its wild-camping scene. Obviously, it is not allowed to set up a tent anywhere you want, however the area around Kedro’s beach is granted as one of the least places in Greece, where free camping is permitted by public authorities. However, you the shorelines of Livadi are also welcome to camping aficionados.

Nudism is allowed along the shorelines of Kedros, Tripiti, Livadi, Vathi Limenari, Fykios, Sapounohoma, Ammoudi and Trypiti.