Coming here is not really a piece of cake. The best way to get to Prespes is definitely by using your own car. However, if up for the public transport network, prepare yourself for many transfer points and even ambiguous boarding due to the harsh weather conditions. 


  • option 1 (recommended)

By car: Athens (550 km), Thessaloniki (200 km), Kastoria (approximately 50km) and Florina (around 45km).

*The route from Florina to Prespes is a road with hairpin turns, nevertheless is regarded as one of the most beautiful roadtrips in Greece.
**At the last part of the road, no matter which one of the routes you choose to take, there is only one asphalt road that leads to Prespa (the National road - near the village of Antartiko).

  • option 2

By train: from Athens or Thessaloniki and then change to Florina, where there is a local bus service driving to Prespes or run directly by taxi.

  • option 3

By bus: from Athens or Thessaloniki to Florina and then, by bus or taxi to Prespes.

  • option 4

By plane: from Athens to Kastoria and then catch the local bus service to Amyntaio village or Kozani and from there, to Florina. Alternatively, you can go straight to Florina using a taxi. Then, from Florina you can take the local bus to get to Prespes.

In the case you do not have your own ride for your daily commute around the villages of Prespa Lakes, you can always use the local bus, which runs yearly (twice per day) from almost every single district in the region.

See up-to-date bus timetable information for all bus services here (website in Greek).