• by car or by bus

  • by plane

KTEL of Kastoria in Athens: (0030) 210 5152548

KTEL of Kastoria in Kastoria: (0030) 24670 83455

KTEL of Kastoria in Thessaloniki: (0030) 2310 595544

Kastoria’s airport: (0030) 24670 21700

SKY EXPRESS: (0030) 2810 223500, (0030) 2810 223800

Astra Airlines: 801 700 74 66, 2310 489 390, 2310 489 391, 2310 489 392

Kastoria is located around 490 kilometers away from Athens and approximately 200 kilometers from Thessaloniki.

To access the city by car there are 3 different routes following the National Road:

a) 564 km far from Athens, via the National Road (Athens-Patra) following the way that leads to the bridge of Rio-Antirrio, towards Arta and the towns of Ioannina, Metsovo, Grevena and Kastoria.

b) 626 km far from Athens, taking the highway from Athens to Thessaloniki, going by the municipality of Katerini, then taking the exit to Veroia and via Egnatia Motorway through Kozani, Siatista and finally, Kastoria.

c) 486 km far from Athens via the National Road (Athens-Lamia) following the way that leads to Trikala, Kalambaka and from Grevena, straight to Kastoria. (Following this route, Kastoria is within spitting distance, however this turn-by-turn route is particularly challenging).

On the other hand, the distance from Thessaloniki, via Egnatia Motorway, is about 190 kilometers.

Kastoria is also accessible by bus (KTEL), which operates on a daily basis serving different locations (Athens, Thessaloniki and other major cities in the country).

Alternatively, one can fly to Kastoria. The scheduled flights run periodically 1 to 3 times a week. You can choose between two airline companies: the programmed journeys of Astra Airlines or day by day flights of Sky Express. "Aristotelis",  Kastoria’s airport (IATA: KSO, ICAO: LGKA) is located about 12 kilometers far from Kastoria, close to Argos Orestiko.


 The info above may be subject to changes with updates throughout time.

For exact hours and days of departures and arrivals: For bus routes and timetables to and from Kastoria, contact the KTEL of Kastoria, the inter-city bus of the region, and for flight schedules get in touch with "Aristotelis", Kastoria’s airport (IATA: KSO, ICAO: LGKA).