Where to stay

In Syrrako and Kalarrites you can lay your head either at traditional stone-built guesthouses, small family-owned hotels or cozy rooms to let. The prices vary from 40 Euros per night for a standard double room with breakfast, and just remember that it is more expensive to travel at peak times.

As one of the best nature destinations, this duo of Vlach villages mostly accept visitors from all around Greece throughout Christmas, although yearly the residents of nearby towns like Giannena, Metsovo, Trikala, and others, are more alike to take a trip in Tzoumerka on the weekends.

Accommodation options are not limited to the two village communities, as the visitor can choose to stay at one of the nearby settlements (in Pramanta, the “capital” of the villages, in Melisourgoi, in Prosilio, in Kalentzi, in Petrovouni, in Michalitsi, in Plaisia, in Kostitsi and Monolithi), and at the same time there are two Mountain refuges (Pramanta, Melisourgoi).


What to taste

  • pies from Epirus

  • baklava

  • local meats (roasted lamb, slow-cooked lamb, boiled goat, pork and selery stew, rabbit stew, «almyro», «tsigarida», wild boar)

Largely, the region of Tzoumerka is beloved for the wide variety of pies made by the local women without any hint of crunchy, burnished crust. Although these day pies of aplenty flavors are an essential part of the local cultural heritage, in the past they served the nomadic lifestyle of local peasants, and thus women were making pastry-less pies no matter if their family was roaming in the mountains of Epirus. Bean pie, a type of tart known also in Greek as «Sarakatsaniki», cheesepie without crust (or phyllo) top or bottom, pumpkin pie, Greek-style macaroni pie, meat pie, and the «Masontra» are just a few of the specialties you can savor in the area.

The area also boasts a healthy livestock farming industry, a fact that is apparent in the quality and local meat range. Apart from the famous roasted lamb, the Greek-style Easter grill (kokoretsi), boiled goat και ewe, don’t forget to taste  «almyro» (brined lamb) which matches perfectly with a glass of local tsipouro, as well as «tsigarides» (boiled jammy pork), and pancakes with or without egg. Wild boar or wild rabbit are also another two dishes to dig in when around Tzoumerka.

Baklava is the queen of all sweet delicacies in Tzoumerka with its fat chunks of butter; however «tyroglyko» - a baklava variation, with the chock-full unsalted feta cheese, semolina and fresh eggs is household favorite. 


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