Where to stay

Accommodation in Prespes offers all kind of comforts for the travelers who are going to visit this northwestern tip of Greece, covering all kind of tastes and needs.

In the villages of Agios Germanos, Platy, Laimos, Psarades, Oxya, Agios Achilios, Vrontero, but also outside the lake basin (in Antartiko and Pisoderi village), you can find traditional stone guesthouses, hotels and rooms for rent. The prices start from 45 euros per night in a double room (breakfast included), while during the high-season, prices might get a bit higher than the usual.

Regarded mainly as a winter destination, mountainous Prespes welcome travelers from all around. However, during the weekends, day-trippers from Kastoria province or the Northern suburbs are flocking in the area.


What to taste

  • Red Florina peppers

  • Fresh fish from the lakes (fried or grilled carp, black bass, red mullet, roasted trout)

  • Bean stew or baked beans with vegetables (tavas in Greek)

  • Locally raised meats

  • Spicy Pickles

  • Local cheese varieties


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