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Mouros (one of the best beaches in Amorgos) is an electric-blue water beach about 15 kilometers from Chora, 18 kilometers from Katapola and 32 kilometers from the port of Aegiali. The relatively small pebbly beach area is surrounded by two caves, rippling clear waters and outcropping rocks for diving. Best visited by car through a 2km drive on a gravel road that starts at the homonymous settlement, where you can leav your car in a small parking lot, and start walking on a relatively steep downhill trail with steps of about 400 meters. The café-bar above the beach offers some of the best views on Aegean Sea, and there is also a traditional tavern.

Tris Ierarches

Tris Ierarches is a crescent inside the bay of Katapola at the settlement of Xylokeratidi and is sheltered under the homonymous chapel, nearby a cemetery. Devoid of people this pebbly beach offers great views. It is easily accessible by car or via the local buses that run from and to Chora frequently during high season. Alternatively, you can get the bus from Aegiali and walk towards Xylokeratidi.


Syrma is located next to the famous beach of Agia Anna, and is accessible via a hiking path that begins on the right side of the parking lot following the canteen. Once you get there, you will be greeted by a beautiful scenery of crystal-clear waters, including two big rock formations that separate the pebble beach in two sections.

Agia Anna

The most emblematic beach of Amorgos, Agia Anna, it’s sheltered under the homonymous scenic chapel and though it bears a tiny slice of coast (there's no little chance of playing beach-mat overlap with strangers), there’s no denying about its reputation. Located about 3 kilometers from Chora and approximately 1,5 kilometers from the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, Agia Anna beach is a perfect crescent of fine pebble sand backed by small rugged caves protecting a calm lagoon of crystal-clear sea, ideal for snorkeling around and exploring. Celebrated worldwide by a memorable scene on Luc Besson’s cult movie The Big Blue, people flock there to marvel at the raw beauty of the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, whereas solitary sun lovers relax and dive from the rocks around the beach. It can be reached on foot from Chora (30min/walk along the path from Kalogeriko), or via car until the parking lot and from there walking down the stairs to the shore. Also, there is a bus service running regularly during summer period.


Chalara, set next to Sparti, is a quite inaccessible beach to visit. With its white pebbled sand and a series of plates under its dramatic waters, is one of the most scenic beaches in Amorgos. It might be difficult to reach, but upon arrival, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning beach and may even have it all to yourself. You should not forget to pack at least a bottle of water and wear sneakers or athletic shoes. The beach is accessible via boat, either hiking from Potamos (for about an hour) or following the well-marked path that begins from Asfontilitis and drives towards the Aegean Sea.