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Nikouria Beaches

Nikouria is a small uninhabited island with 3 remote and underdeveloped sandy shores located approximately 5 kilometers away from Aegiali facing Agios Pavlos beach. Getting here, in order to explore the crystal-clear blue waters, involves a 10 minute trip by boat (departing every half hour from Agios Pavlos - itineraries usually start after the 15th of June and cost 4 euros). During the peak of summer, on one of these beaches, you can even enjoy cocktails from a random beach bar.

Agios Pavlos

The beach is located about 11 kilometers from Chora, approximately 9 kilometers from Aegiali and around 17 kilometers from the main port of Amorgos, Katapola. Clumsily put together with a sugary line of sand and a rocky seabed with transparent emerald waters, Agios Pavlos is divided into two different beaches. There is only one tavern nearby, however you will head to this beach anyway, to hop on ferry to get to the unspoiled sands of Nikouria. Agios Pavlos is easily accessible via local buses, running frequently during summer. Lastly, you can take a short walk to reach another powdery strip of sand, lying next to Agios Pavlos.


Sparti beach is in the eastern part of the island, tucked inside the homonymous bay and a steep-sided ravine of 500 meters high. In other words, this is a tiny stretch of bone-white sand and emerald-blue water in which the sun sets over the striking mountains. The beach is only accessible via the ferry that cruises around the island of Amorgos during high season (summer).


Levrosos is nearby Aegiali beach facing the homonymous port of Amorgos. A traditionally nudist place, the beach offers a string of sand, crystal waters, and plentiful trees for shade. The beach is accessible on foot in about 20 minutes following a path that begins at the end of Aegiali beach. Alternatively, it can be reached by boat or by car following the road that leads to the village of Tholaria (passing a small parking lot and walking down a trail of about 100 meters to the beach). On the beach there is only a canteen.

Aegiali beach

Aegiali beach is situated in front of the homonymous seaside settlement, about 15 kilometers from Chora and approximately 22 kilometers from Katapola. With the longest coastline in the whole island (one km), some part of the beach is semi-organized offering sun umbrellas and lounge chairs on a fine white sand, calm and swallow waters for novice swimmers. The beach is also a magnet for families with toddlers, and there’s even a handful of cafes, restaurants and beach bars to explore.