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Maltezi is located very close to the port of Katapola and nearby Agios Panteleimonas. This sprawling pebbly beach with the turquise is like a chill-out lounge for the sunbathers of Amorgos bearing them sunbeds, umbrellas and a loud dancing beach bar. It is accessible either on foot following the well-marked hiking path through Xylokeratididi (approximately 40 minutes) or by boat (departing from Katapola/running every half an hour during high season).

Tris Ierarches

Tris Ierarches is a crescent inside the bay of Katapola at the settlement of Xylokeratidi and is sheltered under the homonymous chapel, nearby a cemetery. Devoid of people this pebbly beach offers great views. It is easily accessible by car or via the local buses that run from and to Chora frequently during high season. Alternatively, you can get the bus from Aegiali and walk towards Xylokeratidi.


Kambi is a beach neighboring Agia Anna Beach and Syrma. Enclosed by high cliffs, making it almost undiscovered from the crowds, Kampi is a skinny-dipping pebbly shoreline of crystal-clear waters overlooking the rocky islet of Megalo Viokastro. There's not much else to do here, except enjoy the superb view at the Monastery of Hozoviotissa. Finally, Kambi is accessible via a hiking path (15min walk) crossing Syrma and following the rocks along the beach (hiking footwear highly recommended). 


Syrma is located next to the famous beach of Agia Anna, and is accessible via a hiking path that begins on the right side of the parking lot following the canteen. Once you get there, you will be greeted by a beautiful scenery of crystal-clear waters, including two big rock formations that separate the pebble beach in two sections.


Hochlakas is an isolated pebble beach stretched on the northwest side of Aegiali, next to Psili Ammos. With crystal-clear waters and no infrastructure this shoreline is accessible on foot, a-45-minute hike from Aegiali or a-25-minute walk from the parking lot at Levrosos, either by boat from Aegiali to Psili Ammos and then a short 10-minute walk.