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Lying in the southernmost point of the island, the bay of Kalotaritissa is located about 40 kilometers away from Aegiali, around 27 kilometers from Katapola and approximately 21 kilometers from Chora. Always protected from the winds, it's regarded as one of the island’s longest beaches, offers golden sand, crisp blue water and a handful of umbrellas next to a summer canteen. From Kalotaritissa’s pier you can also hop on a boat for a daily excursion to the islet of Gramvousa and its stunning coastal choices.

Liveros bay

A semi-hidden small pebbly light blue cove, Liveros is lying in the homonymous inlet, approximately 24 kilometers from Katapola, about 19 kilometers from Chora and around 40 kilometers from Aegiali. Once popular - it was used as the main filming location for Luc Besson’s movie, now it is not possible to swim in it due to litter coming from the otherwise scenic wreck of Olympia that lies just offshore. It best accessed by car and then, following the path starting from the main road (a-15 minutes walk). It is also advisable not to wear flip-flops.


Paradeisia is a beach located about 20 kilometers from Chora, approximately 25 kilometers from Katapola and around 38 kilometers from the port of Aegiali. Usually calm (against the wind-blown beaches in the south) this is a tiny pebbly stretch of beach with crystal waters. The beach is lying 2 kilometers after the settlement of Kolofana, at the site of the church of Agia Paraskevi. With a canteen on the background, Paradeisia can be also accessed via buses (stopping next to the little chapel).

Kato Kambos

Kato Kambos beach is nestled inside a scenic bay nearby Kolofana. A calm coast protected by the winds, it has fine sand and gravel, A stretch of crunchy sand the beach of an always calm coast recognized from the little chapel of Virgin Mary (Panagia tou Politi), from where the photo ops are magnificent. Best visited by car through a 2km drive on a gravel road.


Mouros (one of the best beaches in Amorgos) is an electric-blue water beach about 15 kilometers from Chora, 18 kilometers from Katapola and 32 kilometers from the port of Aegiali. The relatively small pebbly beach area is surrounded by two caves, rippling clear waters and outcropping rocks for diving. Best visited by car through a 2km drive on a gravel road that starts at the homonymous settlement, where you can leav your car in a small parking lot, and start walking on a relatively steep downhill trail with steps of about 400 meters. The café-bar above the beach offers some of the best views on Aegean Sea, and there is also a traditional tavern.

Agioi Saranta

Approximately 3 kilometers away from Katapola, Agioi Saranta beach took its name from the homonymous chapel in the area. A tiny isolated pebbly cove with clear waters, a lively magnet for alternative summer breakers. It is best accessible by car following the road that leads to the ancient town of Minoa over the hill of Moutoula and then walking down a trail crossing Lefkes at the settlement of Agia Thekla (about 15 minutes).


Tyrokomos is to be found nearby the beach of Agioi Saranta and is located approximately 3 kilometers away from Katapola. Its pebbly bank is encircled by a crystal waters providing a great venue for snorkeling. It is best accessible by car following the road that leads to the ancient town of Minoa over the hill of Moutoula and then walking down a trail crossing Lefkes at the settlement of Agios Ioannis (about 20 minutes).


Finikies beach is situated approximately 3 kilometers from Katapola. A grandiose sweep of pebble and sand stretch right with crystal-clear waters before the archaeological site of Minoa (and prior to the beaches of Tyrokomos and Agioi Saranta). Finikies beach tends to be less touristy than nearby shores. It is best accessible by car following the road that leads to the ancient town of Minoa over the hill of Moutoula and then walking down a trail crossing Lefkes (about 20 minutes).

Kato Akrotiri

Kato Akrotiri is lying next to the port of Katapola, almost at the point where the boat is moored. Facing the settlement of Xylokeratidi village, it is a sandy stretch of shoreline with swallow waters. It is easily accessible on foot from the port as well as by car or via the local buses that run frequently during summer to and from Chora/Aegiali.


Katapola is found at the heart of the island and in front of the homonymous village, about 6 kilometers away from Chora and around 22 kilometers from the other port of Amorgos, Aegiali. With a series of trees providing natural shade and just a few powdery footsteps away from a plethora of laid-back cafes and restaurants, this beach is easily accessible by car or via the local buses that are running on a daily basis from Chora and Aegiali.


Laying nearby the port of Katapola, Plakes got its name from the plethora of stony slabs embedded into the sea floor. For gloriously unspoiled wilderness, nude bathing and deep diving, Plakes rank among the finest beaches in the island. It is accessible either by boat (running regularly in the summer from the port of Katapola), or on foot (walking from Katapola or Maltezi beach).


Maltezi is located very close to the port of Katapola and nearby Agios Panteleimonas. This sprawling pebbly beach with the turquise is like a chill-out lounge for the sunbathers of Amorgos bearing them sunbeds, umbrellas and a loud dancing beach bar. It is accessible either on foot following the well-marked hiking path through Xylokeratididi (approximately 40 minutes) or by boat (departing from Katapola/running every half an hour during high season).

Agios Panteleimonas

The pebbly beach of Agios Panteleimonas, that is sheltered under the homonymous chapel, is located just a breath away from Katapola. A tiny stretch of fine pebbles with seductive crystal-clear waters amidst reefs capturing the attention of those who love diving. It is accessible on foot straight from Katapola (half an hour hike) or by boat (from Maltezi) and then walking about 5 minutes.

Tris Ierarches

Tris Ierarches is a crescent inside the bay of Katapola at the settlement of Xylokeratidi and is sheltered under the homonymous chapel, nearby a cemetery. Devoid of people this pebbly beach offers great views. It is easily accessible by car or via the local buses that run from and to Chora frequently during high season. Alternatively, you can get the bus from Aegiali and walk towards Xylokeratidi.

Nikouria Beaches

Nikouria is a small uninhabited island with 3 remote and underdeveloped sandy shores located approximately 5 kilometers away from Aegiali facing Agios Pavlos beach. Getting here, in order to explore the crystal-clear blue waters, involves a 10 minute trip by boat (departing every half hour from Agios Pavlos - itineraries usually start after the 15th of June and cost 4 euros). During the peak of summer, on one of these beaches, you can even enjoy cocktails from a random beach bar.

Agios Pavlos

The beach is located about 11 kilometers from Chora, approximately 9 kilometers from Aegiali and around 17 kilometers from the main port of Amorgos, Katapola. Clumsily put together with a sugary line of sand and a rocky seabed with transparent emerald waters, Agios Pavlos is divided into two different beaches. There is only one tavern nearby, however you will head to this beach anyway, to hop on ferry to get to the unspoiled sands of Nikouria. Agios Pavlos is easily accessible via local buses, running frequently during summer. Lastly, you can take a short walk to reach another powdery strip of sand, lying next to Agios Pavlos.


Kambi is a beach neighboring Agia Anna Beach and Syrma. Enclosed by high cliffs, making it almost undiscovered from the crowds, Kampi is a skinny-dipping pebbly shoreline of crystal-clear waters overlooking the rocky islet of Megalo Viokastro. There's not much else to do here, except enjoy the superb view at the Monastery of Hozoviotissa. Finally, Kambi is accessible via a hiking path (15min walk) crossing Syrma and following the rocks along the beach (hiking footwear highly recommended).